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Dear Guest,

We would like to welcome you warmly into our home.  

Our aim is to provide a place where guests can relax and enjoy our beautiful house in the wonderful Scottish borders countryside.

Whatever your reason for being here we hope that you have a wonderful stay.  If you need any assistance then please just ask.

Lisa and Steve

Our direct booking guarantee

Booking agents are very convenient, but they do charge a hefty commission of up to, and sometimes more than 20%. For this reason we are able to offer the following guarantee if you book directly with us: 

  • Direct bookings will ALWAYS be the cheapest
  • For returning guests and their family and friends, use code xxxxxxxx at for a further 10% discount (not available on promotional rates)
  • AND guests who book directly are offered complimentary tea and home made cake if they arrive between 4.00pm and 5.30pm
  • AND guests who book directly will receive a complimentary upgrade (subject to availability)

About the house:

Caddon View was built as a doctors surgery, and home, by Dr Cox in 1865.  It is a fine example of Victorian architecture, and features some particularly fine drainpipes!  

Please make yourselves at home whilst you are staying with us.  We have a guest drawing room where there are a selection of magazines and a cupboard filled with books and games for you to use. Should you require tea or coffee, or a beverage of a different type, then we will be happy to provide these for you – ask in Cafe Sitooterie situated in the conservatory or at the bar/reception.  Please note that hours of service and availability of all public spaces may be reduced in line with our revised sanitisation procedures – notices will be displayed

Breakfast is served in the dining room for residents, and lunches, coffees, teas and dinner in Cafe Sitooterie.  Ask a member of staff about our seasonal opening hours and our menu.

Things to see and do:

Innerleithen is a small town in the Scottish Borders and until recently was a thriving mill town making world famous cashmere which was exported worldwide.

The town is within easy reach of Peebles and Melrose, with Edinburgh just a little while away.

Innerleithen itself is home to St. Ronan’s Well where you can taste the spa waters with their renowned health-giving properties. There is also Robert Smail’s Printing Works, where you can try your hand at old-fashioned printing. Nearby Traquair House is the oldest inhabited house in Scotland, still lived in by the Maxwell-Stewart family.

With the lovely countryside right on the doorstep, why not take a wander? There is a very pleasant riverside walk to Peebles along the disused railway line and many guests walk one way and take the bus home after a lunch in Peebles.

Golf is available at Innerleithen golf course, an old course in an amazing setting.  Trout, grayling and salmon fishing are famous and we can provide details of a guide who will provide tuition, permits and equipment if you want to try this out.  There are many wonderful walks of all gradients and lengths around here and some of the most spectacular scenery is only a short drive away. St. Mary’s Loch and the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall should not be missed. Walking up Lee Pen will provide you with spectacular views over the Tweed Valley.

If you wish to visit Edinburgh a regular bus service is available just outside the Caddon View gate. The bus takes a very scenic route through Peebles and Roslin (why not visit Rosslyn Chapel of Da Vinci code fame) to the city centre. In the other direction the bus terminates at Melrose where the ruined abbey is allegedly the burial place of the heart of Robert the Bruce.  Nearby is Abbotsford House, a super visitor experience awaits at the home of Sir Walter Scott.  A bus timetable is provided in the drawing room.

Of international fame are the mountain bike trails in this part of the Tweed Valley.  If you want to try this out then you can rent bikes and follow the marked routes of varying grades at Scotland’s mountain biking heaven, Glentress Forest. Starting at the trail centre there are routes aimed at children and families, an interesting way to explore the forest and its history, and they progress to the blue, red, and black mountain bike routes providing a challenge for all abilities.

Caddon View Guest Information

Airport – Edinburgh International

For flight information see


Bank of Scotland, High Street, Innerleithen (01896) 830585 

Open: Mon/Thurs/Fri 10:00 – 15:00

ATM located outside


We are licensed and can supply you with a full range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks.  We reserve the right to charge corkage on your own alcoholic drinks consumed in public areas.

Bicycle Shop

I-Cycles, Peebles Road, Innerleithen (01896) 830880 

Alpine Bikes, Glentress Forest (01721) 724522


Breakfast is served in the dining room and during the pandemic we have two sittings, from 08:00 until 09:00, and 09:00 until 10:00.  This is to ensure social distancing.  If you would like a later breakfast then this can be purchased in Cafe Sitooterie.


The 62 buses go to Edinburgh (outside front gate) and the journey takes around one hour 20 minutes.

Buses to Galashiels and Melrose are on the opposite side of road 

Buses run approximately every 30 minutes during weekdays.  There is a timetable at the bus stop 

Cafe Sitooterie

Lisa and Steve opened the doors of Café Sitooterie in June 2019.  The café showcases the best of the south of Scotland’s produce, with a little (lot…) of fun along the way. The Sitooterie offers a range of breakfasts, light lunches and  larger meals, all inspired by what is fresh, local and seasonal, letting the produce do the talking. Homemade cakes change often andthere’s always freshly made scones available each day. 

The café offers super teas supplied by Shibui and coffee comes from Union Coffee as a blend from Rwanda, Sumatra, Guatemala and Costa Rica.  We are licensed so have a range of wines, local craft beers, whisky, and gin’s!

Please come along and experience our welcoming, friendly, relaxed and modern approach to Scottish dining.

Ask about our opening times, as these vary by season: at these times it would be extremely wise to let us know if you intend to eat with us so that we can make sure we can seat you at busy times.

Car Parking

Although the car park is mostly covered by CCTV, we can accept no liability for cars and their contents which are parked at your own risk

Charging electronic devices

Please unplug phone, laptop & camera chargers when not required and always when you are not in the bedrooms.  Our staff will unplug any device left charging whilst the room is empty as these can be a fire hazard, and we will not accept liability for any losses that result from this.

Check out

Latest check out is 11am.  If you are leaving us in the morning and are in a hurry you may wish to settle your bill the evening before as we can sometimes be busy serving breakfasts

Churches in Innerleithen

Church of Scotland, Leithen Road.  

St James’ Roman Catholic Church, High Street.  

Episcopal Church, The Church of St Andrew, Church Street. 

Damages and missing items

Please note that any items found soiled, damaged or taken from rooms will be charged for


St. Ronan’s Health Centre, Angle Park, Innerleithen 

(01896) 830203 (by appointment only)


We serve lunches, teas, coffees and dinner in Cafe Sitooterie, located in the conservatory off the bar/reception.  Please ask about our opening hours which vary according to the season.  If you want to reserve a table (this is essential during the pandemic) then please let a member of staff know.  

On evenings when Cafe Sitooterie is closed we recommend the Indian Restaurant Saffron.   It is always advisable to book as it is even smaller than Cafe Sitooterie (tel: 01896 833466).


St. Ronan’s Health Centre, Angle Park, Innerleithen (01896) 830203 

Mon – Fri 08:30am – 12:30pm & 14:00 – 18:00 

Drying room/Dirty footwear

If you have wet/dirty clothing or shoes then we can dry these overnight in our laundry.  Please don’t walk wet/dirty shoes into our home/bedrooms – there is a shoe rack in the front porch.  


In an emergency please use the intercoms in the front hall (downstairs) or the rear landing (upstairs) to contact us

In the event that you cannot contact us and if you have a mobile please dial 999 for an ambulance, police or fire brigade


Looks Ahead, 72 High Street, Innerleithen (01896) 830438


A hairdryer is supplied in your room

Hospital (Accident & Emergency)

Border General Hospital, Melrose.   In an emergency dial 999.  NHS 24 is contacted on telephone no 111.


Rooms are cleaned daily from 11am.  If you have a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door during these times your room will not be serviced

Iron and Ironing Board

Available on request


You have two keys, one for your bedroom and the other for the front door and porch door – please note that you have to turn the square handle on the outer front door at the same time as turning the key.  Please could you make sure you keep the glass door locked at all times.  Please take care with your keys – If you lose your key then we would need to call a locksmith to change the front door and room lock and this will be charged for.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

There is a laundry and dry cleaners in Innerleithen, at 16 Waverley Road (turn left off the High Street by the pharmacy).  Tel: 01896 833580


Please let us know if something needs our attention and we will attend to it as soon as possible

Newsagents & General Stores 

Newsagents and general stores can be found on Innerleithen High Street.  The Coop at the other end of the high street carries a larger range.


Credit/Debit cards or cash are accepted.  

We do not accept cheques or AMEX

Petrol Station

The nearest petrol station can be found in Peebles


We allow dogs into our ground floor double room only.  We request that no dog is allowed on any furniture and any damage will be charged for.  Also we request that dogs do not foul in our garden for the benefit of all our guests.  There is a woodland walk directly across the road.  Please do not leave your dog in the bedroom alone whilst not in the building and please could you clean muddy paws etc before letting them into the bedroom.  We can supply towels for you and dog bowls.

Dogs are welcome in the drawing room, but not the dining room.  Please make sure other guests are happy with your dog as some have allergies or phobias.  Cafe Sitooterie is dog friendly.


High St, Innerleithen (01896) 830384 

Open daily 09:00 – 17:30 Closed for lunch 1 pm – 2: 15pm daily

Sat 09:00 – 12: 30; Sunday closed


 If you wish to have a picnic please let us know the evening before


(01896) 830217 In an emergency dial 999

Post Office

In The Allotment, High Street, Innerleithen (01896) 831609

Mon – Fri 10:00 – 17:00, Saturday 10:00 – 13.00


As there is a smoking ban in Scotland (March 2006), it is illegal to smoke inside any room in Caddon View.  We would be grateful if you would adhere to this.  In addition we reserve the right to charge for additional laundry costs incurred to remove any lingering odour


All showers are electric (apart from the St Ronan’s bedroom).  You will find a pull cord to turn the shower on in your bathroom.  It will run cold if the power is not turned on.  If you need to adjust the temperature then start with a low setting and after 10 seconds check the temperature with your hand, increasing the temperature gradually until the required warmth is achieved.  Turning the temperature too high will result in the safety cutout being activated and the shower will turn cold.  To remedy this, turn the temperature down.

Television/DVD player

See instructions on a separate page


Barc Taxis (01721) 721212

Gold Star Taxis (01721) 724818


Please, kindly don’t bring takeaways into Caddon View as the smell can linger, is extremely difficult to remove and can upset other guests.  In extreme cases we reserve the right to charge for additional laundry costs of curtains and soft furnishings should these be soiled or smelly


Tap water is safe to drink.

Wi Fi

Wi-Fi is available and there are 2 hubs.  At the front of the house including the drawing room & dining room the hub is ‘106F3F38FFD3’ and the pass code is tv087gmuvdbj5.  At the rear of the house the hub is ‘BTHub6-5GMQ’ and the pass code is kpkHaxp4wNef  

Green Information & Requests 

Our Green policies are evolving all the time as we improve our care of the environment, the local economy, and what we can do to save energy and reduce our demands on natural resources.  As a visitor you have a very important role to play in helping us conserve the Scottish Borders natural assets making it a more sustainable destination.

Where you can help:


  • In your room you will notice a separate basket for recycling.  Please could you put all clean and dry paper/card, cans, bottles (without tops), glass and plastic in this.  All other refuse should be placed in the bin.

Energy Saving:

  • Switch off lights when they are not needed and make sure TV’s are turned off at the wall (not left on standby).  
  • Please unplug phone, laptop & camera chargers when not required.  Please could you do this when you are not in the bedrooms.  Our staff will unplug any device left charging as these are a fire hazard, and we will not accept liability for any losses that result from this.

What we currently do:

We source our ingredients as locally as possible.  Our meat is sourced from our Shaws in the High Street and in turn they use south of Scotland farms to supply their meat.  Our bread is from our local bakers – Fat Batard – all this helps to reduce our “food miles”. 

We reuse and recycle our paper, glass, plastic, cans and tins.

We have maps and timetables to encourage you to walk and use public transport. Our situation is ideal for walking from the house or jumping onto the local bus service and leaving your car behind for the day – especially if you are heading to Edinburgh.

All our used printer cartridges and batteries are recycled.

We use low energy bulbs wherever possible

In the Laundry we wash at lower temperatures, and we don’t change towels daily unless soiled.

Thank you very much for helping to make Caddon View greener.

TV and DVD Instructions

  1. Turn on and off by using the red button on the remote control, or the button in centre front bottom of the DGiM TV sets.  The TV can be totally turned off at the plug.
  2. To select Digital TV (DTV) or DVD press ‘Input’ on the remote control and use the🔽 and 🔼buttons on the remote control to highlight which you require, then press ‘enter’.
  3. To select the channel you want, use the EPG button which will display a full list of channels and programmes currently available and which can be reviewed and selected.  Alternatively use channel + and – on the remote control or just press the channel number you require.
  4. Channels are currently available on  Digital TV relay transmitter which means they are limited in number and they can and do change without notice
  5. To use the DVD select DVD as in number 2 above.
    Gently push the DVD into the slot on the side of the TV.
    DGiM TV sets need the label facing away from you and the slot is on the right.  Grundig sets need the label towards you and the slot is on the left.

    The DVD will load.  Use the 🔽🔼◀️▶️ buttons to navigate the menu and start playback.
    The ⏸ button will pause, pressing it again will resume.
    The ⏩ and ⏪ buttons are fast forward and fast rewind, the ⏯ button will resume normal  play.

The auto eject button on the remote control ⏏️ will eject the DVD.


  1. if you discover a fire, raise the alarm.  Alarm points are identified on the plan on the back of your door.
  2. Leave the guest house by the nearest exit.  Fire exits are shown on the plan on the back of your door.  Do not pause to collect your belongings.
  3. The assembly point is in the entrance to the car park at the side of the house adjacent to Horsburgh Street.
  4. Make sure that the fire brigade has been called.  You are at

    Caddon View
    14 Pirn Road
    EH44 6HH
    Tel: 01896 830208

  5. Do not return to Caddon View until authorised by staff or the fire brigade.

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