Environmental Responisbility

Our Green policies are evolving all the time as we become increasingly aware of our obligations to the environment, the local economy, and what we can do to save energy and reduce our demands on natural resources.  As a visitor you have a very important role to play in helping us conserve the Scottish Borders natural assets making it a more sustainable destination.

Where you can help:


  • In your room we have a separate basket for recycling for clean and dry paper/card, cans, bottles (without tops), glass and plastic.

Energy Saving

  • Switch off lights when they are not needed and make sure TV’s are turned off at the wall (not left on standby). 
  • Unplug phone, laptop & camera chargers when not required. Please could you do this when you are not in the bedrooms.

What we currently do:

We source our ingredients as locally as possible. Our meat products are sourced from our local butcher in the High Street and also from organic farms in the Scottish Borders.  Our bread is from our local bakers – John Adam – all helping reduce our “food miles”. We feed unused toast to the birds etc

We reuse and recycle our paper, glass, plastic, cans and tins.

We have maps and timetables to encourage you to walk and use public transport. Our situation is ideal for walking from the house or jumping onto the local bus service and leaving your car behind for the day – especially if you are heading to Edinburgh.

All our used printer cartridges are recycled as are batteries.

As our old light bulbs stop working we are replacing all of them – where possible – to low energy bulbs.

In the Laundry we wash at lower temperatures, and we don’t give fresh towels every day unless they are needed or requested.

We no longer supply bottled mineral water, the tap water is fresh, cold and very palatable.

We no longer use the small toiletries, instead using refillable bottles with beautiful local soaps and shampoos.

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